Getting Started

Before filling your spa, you need to know the chemical makeup of the source water, the water you’re using to fill your spa. To do this, simply take a sample of the water to your local spa retailer to have it
professionally tested, or test the water using an at-home test kit.

Test results will identify what levels of metals and minerals exist in the water and determine if any adjustments are needed to properly adjust your source water once the spa is initially filled. It is important to understand that a spa is not simply a small swimming pool. In a spa, the water is heated to between 98-104° F, a temperature which is much warmer than a swimming pool, and the water is more turbulent. The ratio of people to the amount of water is also much greater in a spa. It is because of these factors that spa water needs to be treated differently than pool water.

Spa Selections®  products are specifically formulated for spas and need to be used to avoid common hot water problems arising from residual soaps, deodorants, perfumes, natural body oils and other cosmetics.