Spa Selections Bromine Tablets for Spa/Hot Tub, 1.5 lbs.

Enjoy sparkling clean hot tub water without the odor of combined chlorine. Spa Selections Bromine Tablets not only disinfect and sanitize hot tub and spa water, but they also create a soft water feel for maximum relaxation. Unlike chlorine, bromine is effective over a wider pH range, has less odor, and it won't bleach bathing suits. Best of all, Spa Selections Bromine Tablets fit all floaters. In addition to changing hot tub water every 90 days (or more frequently with more use), proper sanitary practices include shocking the spa after every use – especially if there are several bathers within a 24-hour period. Before using Spa Selections Bromine Tablets for the first time, add 0.5 ounces of Spa Selections Brom-Start per 100 gallons of water to establish a 30-ppm bromide concentration. Whenever the spa or hot tub is drained and refilled, add sodium bromide at this dosage to help establish an all-bromide system. This eliminates chlorine odors and maximizes skin and eye comfort. Do not re-enter treated spas when water has bromine levels above 8 ppm as this could cause bodily injury.

  • Contains one 1.5-lb. canister of Spa Selections Bromine Tablets
  • Bromine tablets disinfect hot tub and spa water without the smell of chlorine bleach
  • Enjoy sparkling clean water with low odor and a soft water feel
  • Bromine shock is effective over a wider pH range and won't irritate eyes or bleach bathing suits
  • These bromine tablets for hot tubs fit all floaters

How to Use a Bromine Sanitizing System

Establish Bromine Reserve
Begin with Spa Selections Brom-Start whenever you drain and refill hot tub water. This helps establish a bromine reserve so the bromine sanitizer works more effectively.
Fill Floater With Bromine Tablets
Next, fill your hot tub floater with Spa Selections Bromine Tablets; do not mix with chlorine or other bromine tablets. Floaters help provide continuous sanitization.
Use Non-Chlorine Shock
Remove organic contaminants for fresh, clear and odor-free water. For best results, use once per week (or more frequently depending on use and number of bathers).

Why Sanitize With Bromine Tablets

As Effective as Chlorine
Bromine tablets disinfect hot tub or spa water, and they’re effective over a wider pH range. Best of all, bromine has no chlorine odor.
Won’t Irritate Eyes
Spa Selections Bromine Sanitizer won’t irritate eyes or bleach bathing suits.
Fits all Hot Tub Floaters
These bromine tablets for hot tubs and spas fit all floaters, so you can spend more time relaxing and less time cleaning the water.

Frequently Asked Questions

A common cause of foam in spas and hot tubs is the turbulent water combined with lotions, soaps, and detergents from bathers and their swimsuits. Showering before entering the spa and using Spa Selections Foam Out helps reduce the amount of foaming. Organic waste build-up can also cause foaming. If you are sanitizing your spa with bromine, you should shock your spa with Spa Selections Non-Chlorine Shock Oxidizer on a regular basis to oxidize the waste out of the water and reduce foaming.
Spa Selections Bromine is a two-part system, including Spa Selections Brominating Tablets and Spa Selections Brom-Start. Overall, bromine tends to be more popular among spa owners because unlike chlorine, bromine is effective over a wider pH range, doesn't irritate your eyes and will not bleach bathing suits. Additionally, bromine is still effective in its combined form and doesn't smell. Many spa owners, however, elect to sanitize with chlorine. Chlorine is traditionally used in pools and is an effective sanitizer and oxidizer. Spa Selections Chlorinating Granules are easy to use and keep the water sparkling clean!
How often you shock spa water depends on the sanitizer and the number of users in a 24-hour period. If you are using Spa Selections Bromine Tablets and Spa Selections Brom-Start, it is recommended that you shock each time you finish using your spa. If you are using Spa Selections Chlorinating Granules, it is recommended that you shock at least one time per week. It may be necessary to shock more often if the user load is heavy or the water is cloudy.