Spa Selections Bromine Tablet Floater

Enjoy sparkling clean spa and hot tub water with the Spa Selections Bromine Tablet Floater. This convenient spa bromine feeder continuously provides sanitization so you can spend more time relaxing and less time cleaning the hot tub. For best results, use with a bromine sanitization system, such as Spa Selections Brom-Start and Spa Selections Bromine Tablets. Only use one type of chlorine or bromine tablet in this dispenser. Fire and/or explosion may result from combining or mixing spa chemicals. TO USE: Fill the base with Spa Selections Bromine Tablets. Once spa feeder is filled, secure top to base before placing in spa. Position top so that it fits correctly over the base, then turn counterclockwise until you feel a click. Adjust the flow to ensure that 2-4 ppm of bromine is maintained in the spa (follow label directions for the sanitizer being used). To increase flow, turn top counterclockwise; to decrease flow, turn top clockwise. The floater will tip and float on its side when it needs to be refilled. When taking floater out of spa, always hold upright over water and allow to drain before refilling or adjusting flow rate. Do not turn floater upside down, as sanitizer may leak from floater.

  • Contains one Spa Selections Bromine Tablet Floater
  • Convenient dosing unit holds one Bromine Tablet that will provide continuous sanitization for your spa or hot tub
  • For use with bromine sanitizers, such as Spa Selections Bromine Tablets
  • Only use one type of bromine or chlorine tablet in this dispenser; mixing spa chemicals can cause fire and/or explosion
  • Spa bromine feeder allows you to spend more time relaxing and less time cleaning the hot tub

Using a Bromine Tablet Floater

Provides Continuous Sanitization
This hot tub feeder is a convenient way to keep water sparkling clean. Use with a bromine sanitizer, such as Spa Selections Bromine Tablets.
Worry-free cleaning! Just twist, fill with bromine tablets, secure and place directly into your spa or hot tub. Refill when the feeder tips on its side.
Do Not Use With Chlorine
Only use one type of sanitizing tablet in this dispenser. Fire and/or explosion may result from combining or mixing spa chemicals.

Benefits of Using Bromine vs. Chlorine

Effective Over Wider pH Range
Bromine disinfectants such as Spa Selections Bromine Tablets are as effective as chlorine and work over a wider pH range.
No Chlorine Odor
Bromine sanitizing systems help give you sparkling clean hot tub water without the smell of chlorine bleach.
Won’t Irritate Eyes
In addition to low odor, bromine tablets for spas and hot tubs won’t cause eye irritation or bleach bathing suits.

Frequently Asked Questions

A common cause of foam is the rapidly moving water combined with users who have soaps and detergents on their bodies and swimsuits. Showering before entering the spa and using Spa Selections Foam Out helps reduce foaming. Organic waste buildup can also cause foaming. If you are sanitizing your spa with bromine, you should shock your spa with Spa Selections Non-Chlorine Shock Oxidizer on a regular basis to oxidize the waste from the water and reduce foaming.
Spa Selections Bromine is a two-part system, including Spa Selections Brominating Tablets and Spa Selections Brom-Start. Overall, bromine tends to be more popular among spa owners because unlike chlorine, bromine is effective over a wider pH range, doesn't irritate your eyes and will not bleach bathing suits. Additionally, bromine is still an effective sanitizer in its combined form and doesn't smell. Many spa owners, however, elect to sanitize with chlorine. Chlorine is traditionally used in pools and is an effective sanitizer and oxidizer. Spa Selections Chlorinating Granules are easy to use and keep the water sparkling clean!
How often you shock spa water depends on the sanitizer and the number of users in a 24-hour period. If you are using Spa Selections Bromine Tablets and Spa Selections Brom-Start, it is recommended that you shock each time you finish using your spa. If you are using Spa Selections Chlorinating Granules, it is recommended that you shock at least one time per week. It may be necessary to shock more often if the number of users increases or the water is cloudy.