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Aromatherapy Variety Pack

Spa Selections™ Aromatherapy is a ready to use blend of aromatherapy fragrances formulated especially for spas, hot tubs and jetted baths. Spa Selections™ Aromatherapy has no alcohol and is water soluble. Spa Selection™ Aromatherapy masks chemical odors and works well with all spa surfaces. This product will not clog filters or affect pH levels.


  • Fragrances enhance spa experience
  • Non-foaming formula
  • Will not upset water balance or clog filters
  • Contains (4) 1/2 fl. oz. single-use packets
jet clear
Jet Clear

Spa Selections® Jet Clear helps keep spa and jetted bath tub plumbing clear of organics, oils, dirt, and minerals. Add Spa Selections® Jet Clear before the water is drained to prevent buildup that can restrict water flow and damage equipment. 


  • Keeps spa & jetted tub plumbing clear of organics, oils, dirt and minerals
  • Compatible with all spa sanitizers including chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide

Available size: 8 fl. oz.

spa moisturizer

You’ll find this Spa Selections™ Moisturizer a pleasurable experience in your spa or hot tub. This formula leaves no oils or residues and is pH balanced. These skin softening conditioners assist in preventing dryness caused by spa use. Spa Selections™ Moisturizer also has a refreshing floral scent that enhances your spa experience.


  • Non-oily formula
  • Refreshing floral scent

Available size: 7 fl. oz.

scum remover
Scum Remover

Spa Selections® Scum Remover is a unique formula that clears cloudy water by digesting oils, lotions and organics. The enzymes remove unsightly scum lines and filters are protected from oily build-up.


  • Quickly removes oils, lotions and organics
  • Removes unsightly scum lines
  • Improves filtration
  • Compatible with all sanitizers

Available size: 8 fl. oz.